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Sanela and Terri

Sanela and Terri

We are delighted to welcome you to Grounded Parents Group.

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We want to connect with you

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Live Events

We will be hosting public events and running face to face experiential workshops around Europe. Stay tuned for events near you or contact us to arrange an event in your area. These events offer exclusive content from Dr. Brené Brown and are designed to initiate lasting change in how you show up as a parent. Learning in community is our core philosophy!


Work with Us

Ready to start on your journey to greater self-awareness and prefer to work one-on-one? Reach out to us for a free discovery session. We both coach in person and virtually. We’ll be happy to design a coaching package geared towards helping you discover more about yourself and who you are as a parent. Working on ourselves is the greatest gift we can give to our families.

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Join us on Facebook where we host a private Grounded Parents Group discussion space. There we share ideas, inspiration, encouragement and struggle through facilitated posts and dialogues. This offers us another way to connect with the concepts central to becoming a more grounded parent. Personal development does not have to be done alone!

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Can’t make it to where we are? Not to worry, we have plans to bring ourselves to you. Join some of our upcoming webinars from the comfort of your own home at a time that suits your busy parenting schedule. Webinars will bring you opportunities to explore yourself as a parent through the grounded parents group community in all corners of the world.

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We share our experience, knowledge and passion for personal development to help you on your Grounded Parent Journey.

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Write to us

Tell us about your challenges and your stories. What do you want us to talk or write about?

Our focus is always on helping you gain insights about your thinking and behaviour that will help you come up with a solution to your dilemmas.

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