Power of empathy: How to support your child in struggle
5:30 PM17:30

Power of empathy: How to support your child in struggle

Do you ever have trouble knowing the right thing to say when someone is upset? Empathy is a powerful skill that allows us to connect with others when done correctly, however, we can so easily and so often get it wrong. During this talk, Terri will discuss both the HOW and the WHY of empathy and share with us the key steps in generating an empathetic response. Understanding the art of this skill can help you form greater connections with your loved ones. 

Terri is a certified executive coach, trainer and facilitator with interests in authenticity, personal presence and the role of vulnerability in parenting and leadership. She is a certified Daring Way™ facilitator delivering programs based on the powerful research of Dr. Brené Brown, whose TED talks launched an international conversation around vulnerability and courage. She is the owner of Creeden Coaching & Consulting and a co-coordinator of the newly launched Grounded Parents Group, a community of like-minded individuals seeking self-awareness and personal development in their role as a parent. Terri has lived in Basel for 11 years with her husband James. Their two sons, Drew and Cole, attend SIS.

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