About us

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Sanela Lukanovic

Sanela is a Life and Career Coach who empowers people to create a purposeful life at work and at home. She champions an approach to be unapologetically brave whilst being kind and compassionate towards self and others.

Sanela specialise in facilitating the Daring Way™ method based on the transformational research of Dr. Brené Brown.

She’s been coaching for over a decade and has worked in the corporate world, business schools and in private practice. She started her career as a management consultant supporting business transformation and organizational change. 

Originally from Bosnia, Sanela has lived in both the UK and Germany and now resides in the South of England with her husband and two children.


Terri Creeden

Terri is a certified executive coach, trainer and facilitator. Her most passionate work is in the areas of personal presence, self-worth and authenticity. She believes in embracing slowness in our lives and living and leading with courage. 

She is a certified Daring Way™ and Dare to Lead™ facilitator delivering programs based on the powerful research of Dr. Brené Brown.

She brings to her work, 10 years of experience in the international pharmaceutical industry. She started her career in the fields of clinical and public health genetics, educating medical professionals and supporting families impacted by genetic conditions.

Originally from the US, Terri has lived in both Europe and Asia and is currently based in Switzerland with her husband and their two sons.

Our Story

We met in Sydney in March 2016. Sanela was living in Germany and Terri was based in Shanghai. We met for the first time near the Sydney Opera House! What brought us together? Dr. Brené Brown herself. We were both there with Brené and her team to become certified in the Daring Way™ work.

Sensing an immediate connection, we remained close across the miles via Skype. We became fast friends and often referenced Brené’s work when we talked about our own challenges including those we have as mothers.  First on the list of conversation topics? Perfectionism in parenting. Our minds exploded! We are both recovering perfectionist. It is one thing to know that you’re sabotaging your business or yourself by playing it small and hiding behind the armour of perfectionism. It is an entirely different realisation, and more painful one, to admit that perfectionism may be defining how you’re showing up as a parent or what you expect from your children. Through laughs and tears, we felt how powerful it was to share these moments with another person.

We had a particularly animated discussion about how parents don’t receive support in preparing them for the most important leadership role of their lives. We didn’t know of a place were you could work on yourself as a parent, increase your self awareness, identify and challenge your beliefs and work on your confidence similar to leadership development programs offered in the corporate setting. There were plenty of places to tell us HOW to parent but no where that supported us in WHO we were AS a parent.

The arena was calling us and we decided to listen! In 2017, Terri moved back to Switzerland and Sanela back to the UK and we talked each other through the ups and downs of these life transitions until 2018, when Grounded Parents Group was eventually launched.

Welcome to the arena, we are so glad you joined us here!